Design and creation of gardens and green areas

Design and creation of garden concern not only appearance, but also a whole series of elements which are essential to ensure its well-being.

We are specialized exactly in this: Since 1988 we have been designing and creating gardens and green areas for private individuals, companies and public authorities, taking care of everything directly. We have accumulated a big experience about creation of gardens and green areas and so we can give you best warranties.

Here some works we carry out

Creation of lawn

Delivering and laying of lawn in roll with immediate effect

Delivering and laying of plot of land ready for cultivation

Delivering and plant of ornamental plants and trees

Delivering and plant of rare example trees

We promise you

Free survey and estimate without commitments.
A garden designed ad-hoc for you, based on your and your green area’s needs.
Use of natural products so as to safeguard the health both you and nature around us.
A wide choice in plants and trees coming from our nursery .
Highly qualified staff ready to suggest you the best solutions for your garden’s creation and care.
The possibility both to carry out the most specific and difficult activities and work in very extended areas thanks to our innovative equipment.

Do you want to request your estimate?
Contact us. The survey and the estimate are free and without commitment.
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